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The Bronze Plaque - Why buy direct from us?
Prices for many of our bronze plaques are available at our on-line store!

Bronze Plaque Design Wizard ImageDesign your own bronze plaque using the industry's only automated design tool. Our design wizard helps you create realistic and accurate renderings of bronze plaques in seconds. No need to wait hours to see your graphic design.

Our plaque design wizard is free. There is no cost and no obligation.  Design your plaque,  see how it looks with various color, texture and border options, and when you are satisfied with the rendering, you can buy it.  All on-line in real time.

Try our bronze plaque wizard here.

Not in the mood to do your own design? Just fill out our bronze plaque quotation form and we will have a design and price on line in hours.

Cast Bronze Plaques - Cast Aluminum Plaques
Memorial Plaques - Park Bench Plaques
Garden Plaques
Visit our on line store for prices of 'standard' bronze plaques pictured below such as desk nameplates, door nameplates, ADA Restroom signs, military service emblems, national register plaques, memorial plaques and other products.
Introducing Classic Plaxx where your fondest memories can be captured forever!


New technologies have been combined with the ancient art of sand casting allowing us to take photographs of your most precious moments and create a custom, one of a kind, everlasting image. These bronze plaques are cast using the same materials used in plaques seen on the finest buildings in the world.
Click here to view our bronze plaque "How To Series". This section contains some of the most often asked questions about bronze plaques such as how to clean and restore them, how to mount them on different surfaces, etc. We are continuously adding to this section so if you have a topic you would like us to address, please use our ContactUs page.

In addition to the involvement of our skilled designers in the design of your bronze plaque and the use of the highest quality products, to our knowledge, we are the only bronze plaque company that provides 100% automation services giving you the customer, the highest quality and the most up to date designs and design automation in the industry. You can create your own designs using our design wizard and get the "pride of ownership" feeling that comes from designing your own plaque. Or if you prefer, you can fill out our request form and one of our designers will be happy to place your design on line.

When you get an email from our system that your design is ready, it is a simple matter to just log on and view the rendering of your plaque. Changes can be accomplished by sending us an email. If you are pleased with the design, you can click on the "Buy Now" link above the rendering. This will take you to our on line store where you can make your purchase. Purchases that are made on line (as opposed to via telephone), go into our production and tracking systems within minutes. Once your purchase is processed, you can log on and track your plaque as it goes through the production process and see the shipper tracking number for your plaque. Using our on line systems means that our support is available to you 24/7. No need to call and wait for a representative.

The use of our automated systems is secure and avoids errors. While we are always happy to answer your phone calls, it takes longer than using our ContactUs web page. Taking orders over the phone is NOT as secure or accurate as placing the order on line.

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A Bronze Plaque Supplier Comparison Read our Customer Comments Bronze Plaque Image Link IconPictures of our bronze plaquesBronze Plaque Image Link Icon
View our Photo Gallery

There is almost no limit to what we can cast in terms of the design and content of a bronze plaque. All of our bronze plaques are custom manufactured. The images below are just a few ideas of what we have already created. As a simple example, the 'National Register' plaque just below could just as easily be a plaque in honor of an accomplishment by the use of a photographic image on the top third and words of praise taking up the lower two thirds.

Bronze plaques are a symbol of distinction, projecting an image of quality and stability and add to the professional quality of any architectural environment. We offer unlimited possibilities for bronze or aluminum castings. For schools, colleges, and universities, bronze projects an image of prestige and stability. No other product matches the permanence or beauty of a bronze plaque for a lasting tribute.

Image of Bronze Memorial Plaque With Color Tile
Bronze Plaques
Image of Bronze Historic Plaque
Historical Plaques
Image of bronze seal
Bronze Seals
Image of Cast Bronze Plaque - Military Plaque
Military Bronze Plaques
Image of Cast Bronze Plaque - Dedication Plaque
Large Bronze Plaques
Image of Bronze Military Plaque
Veterans Bronze Plaques
Different Image Treatments for Bronze Plaques

The bronze plaques in this section demonstrate different methods of treating an image.
In this section, we describe the design and production methods used.
About The Bronze Plaque

We have the designers with the experience to lay out a cast plaque that will look good and stand the test of time. Anyone can lay out words using a word processor and define different font styles and sizes that look good on paper. It takes one of our specialists to produce a layout that will take into account the process of casting molten metal into a finished plaque. You will find that when it is all said and done, it costs no more to have our experts create the design.

We differentiate our service from other who sell cast plaques by the involvement of our highly qualified graphics designers in the casting process. Our demonstrated capabilities and knowledge of the casting process is unique. What this means for our customer is that when working with our designers, you are speaking to someone who understands bronze casting and not just a middle man who will pass your request to a foundry design department. Proper formatting, line widths, stroke and details that must be resolved prior to casting can be resolved with our designer. This assures you that you will get a quality product in the shortest time possible.

Bronze Plaques - We hope our web site has answered all of your questions about about cast bronze plaques including;  Sizes, borders, textures, colors, fonts, finishes, mounting options, and image treatments.  We feel we have the best and most complete web site available for information about cast bronze plaques.   If you have additional questions, please let us know.
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