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18 inch Flat Relief Set of 5 Military Service Plaques

18 Inch Flat Relief Set Of 5 Military Service Plaques - (EMBLEM-18FR-SET)

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Regular Price (US$): $5,180.00
Sale Price (US$): $4,662.00
(Savings: $518.00)
Description:  Set of qty 5, 18 inch US. Military flat relief service emblems including;
U.S. Army
U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. Navy
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Air Force.

To see images of these 5 military service emblems, click on the link for 18 inch service emblems . This set is composed of the same 5 flat relief service emblems shown under the 18 inch service emblem category. Do not confuse these with the slightly more expensive ''sculpted'' versions of these service emblems that we also sell. The price of this entire set of 5 service emblems is priced at a savings below their individual price.

Shipping Wt. about 162 pounds
Protective Clear Coat

     Prices    Production Time    Ship Date
   $4,662.00    2-3 Weeks    About 8/20/2019
   $6,993.00    10 Working Day    By 8/6/2019
   $9,324.00     5 Working Day    By 7/30/2019


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General Product Information About  18 Inch Flat Relief Set Of 5 Military Service Plaques

This bronze plaque is cast in what is know as 'flat relief' as opposed to a sculpted bas relief.

In a 'flat relief', the image is raised from the backgound a uniform amount - hence 'flat'.In a 'sculpted bas relief', the image is modeled in 3 dimensions and the raised portions of the model are raised to different heights.