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ADA compliant sign mounting methods

BOSS & STUD method for mounting ADA compliant signs

Uses for boss and stud mounting

Used for concealed (hidden) mounting to brick, stone, cement and ost flat surfaces.


  1. Screw studs into threaded threaded holes in back of the plaque.
  2. Using studs to locate points on mounting surface, drill holes in mounting surface slightly larger than threaded stud.
  3. If wall is solid such as cement or brick;
    1. Fill holes using 'Liquid Nails', 'Epoxy' or other permanent mastic.
    2. Push studs into the holes and anchor plaque until mastic hardens.
  4. If you can get to the back of the wall;
    1. Insert studs through holes and have it held in place.
    2. From the rear, place washers on studs and secure with nut. Washers and nuts are provided by the installer.

Side view of BOSS & STUD mounting

Boss and stud mount for ADA compliant signsAs shown in this side view image of a sign with 'boss and stud' mounting, there are 2 components; the studs, which are short threaded rods and the boss, which is, in plaques of this size, a hole drilled and threaded into the back of the sign.