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Bronze ADA Compliant Womans Accessible Restroom Sign - 6" by 8"

ADA Compliant Womans Accessible Restroom Sign
Womans Accessible Restroom Sign - 6" by 8"

Our ADA compliant signs

Our cast bronze ADA compliant signs are elegant and are ideal for upscale businesses and restaurants.

ADA Compliant Restroom Sign Characteristics

ADA Braille Dot Pattern Sample Our ADA compliant signs contain the Braille characters (raised dots as shown in the image to the left) that are appropriate to the sign itself. The Braille letters are arranged in 'cells' that may have up to 6 raised dots - arranged in 2 columns of 3 dots each. These cells can each represent a number, letter, complete word or punctuation mark. Braille can be written in both uncontracted form and contracted form (where a single cell may represent an entire word). Contracted form is the more common form found on signs containing Braille letters. They have satin finished raised graphics and borders and standard background colors. ADA standards require that there is high contrast between the raised informational image and the background. They are supplied with vandal resistant, blind stud mounting (boss and stud). The typeface is ADA compliant. The Braille is type 2. The image shows a typical Braille dot pattern and is not necessarily the pattern for this specific sign.

Mounting ADA Signs

We have instructions for mounting all ADA signs here

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Custom ADA compliant signs

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