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An Architects Resource for bronze plaques

Although we use the term 'bronze plaques' here, this information pertains to cast plaques of any alloy (typically aluminum or bronze), etched plaques such as etched stainless, zinc and other metals and machined plaques.

This section is the result of the numerous discussions we have had with architects requesting our assistance.  In spite of the architects research and careful specification writing, the bronze plaques that were purchased elsewhere by the construction company did not bear any resemblance to the bronze plaques the architect had in mind.  Text was smaller than specified or, when it was made the specified size, it appeared more compressed than planned.  Logos were mere blobs and unrecognizable.  Sound familiar?

The first observation is that bronze plaques are not a commodity that should be purchased from the low bidder since many times, low cost purchasing is the cause of the problems we just described.  Although it is admittedly quite a stretch of the imagination, it would be similar to specifying the  canvas material, paint colors, and subject and specifying "Salvador Dali or equivalent."  A first grade child would definitely be the lowest cost and would most likely meet all of the requirements, but undoubtedly not produce the desired results.  The desired results are the aesthetic qualities of the plaque and it is these qualities that are impossible to specify.

Like any other material, alloys used in casting or etching have unique characteristics.  Character spacing, spacing of text lines, weights of lines in graphics and spaces between lines in graphics are all critical. If text sizes are specified in terms of height alone, widths of characters may have to be compressed or enlarged to fit on the specified size plaque.  If a logo or other artwork is specified and sized, the physics of casting or etching may require that the logo be executed as an unrecognizable blob.  All of these undesirable artifacts have been unwittingly specified and a less than desirable outcome still meets the specifications and the customer is left with the decision to either look at it for the next hundred years or spend the money to replace the eye sore.  So what is the solution?

The solution is for architects to involve professionals, such as the designers at The Bronze Plaque, during the design and specification stage.  We do this at no cost to you!  You do not have to spend the time in preparing a layout that may not work.  We supply you a layout and specification for the plaque so that when the plaque is manufactured, it will be exactly as expected. No Surprises!!  What we ask for in return is that the specification state that the plaque must be purchased from 'The Plaxx Companies - The Bronze Plaque - SOLE SOURCE".  This gives you the assurance that the finished product will turn out the way you expect.  Text will be properly spaced, logos will be clean and crisp, artwork proofs will represent the finished product with 100% accuracy and the final product will be of the highest quality. Many architects, as well as construction companies, have taken this risk reduction path.

This is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for you the architect, your end customer and ourselves.