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There are multiple factors to consider when mounting a donor tree. We can not answer these questions for you. Here are a few factors to consider.

  1. Will the wall safely hold the weight of the tree?
    1. Some churches have used volunteer members and others, their regular maintenance crew to mount the trees. Other organizations have used their engineering departments to mount the same trees.
  2. Do you have the ability to do this or do you need a professional?
    1. Skills with a drill, hammer and screwdriver are mandatory. If the fall is not strong enough, you may needs skills to strengthen the wall structure.

ONLY YOU CAN ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS. We have mentioned only a few factors. Each installation is different. You must decide how to handle the mounting.

We have prepared detailed instruction and they can be downloaded form the following link;

Download our Donor Tree Installation Instructions.


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The use of tools may be dangerous. It is up to the individual reading this guidance to determine if they have the ability to accomplish the tasks. Protective gear MUST always be worn and bystanders must not be allowed near the installation site. Drilling cement or other type of walls, chipping boulders or anything else is inherently dangerous.