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Donor Tree Photo Gallery

A Donor Tree is also known as Tree of Life, Donor Recognition Tree or Contributor Recognition Tree.

Our full size donor tree models consist of a cast bronze trunk (weighs around 70 pounds for the full size model) and engravable leaves mounted on a clear Lucite background. You get your choice of leaves in any assortment of the following 3 colors; Copper, Silver (aluminum) or Gold (brass). If you are establishing a donor recognition program, we recommend setting 3 levels of donations and assigning leaf colors to each of the 3 levels or giving. Although any range of giving can be associated with any color, an example would be; Gold leaves for contributions over $5,000, Silver leaves for contributions of $1,000 to $5,000 and copper leaves for contributions under $1,000.

For ease of installation, leaves are premounted on the lucite backing. Each leaf is mounted with 2 screws for easy removal for engraving. If you are already starting with a substantial list of donors, the leaves for your donor recognition tree can be shipped to you unmounted.

When you order from us, you get all of the following;

  • A quality product at discounted prices,
  • Free shipping.

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Donor Tree Index

Model (# Leaves)


T1 (279 to 710)

T2 (350)

T3 (450 to 722)

T4 (125 to 325)

T5 (80)

T6 (162)

T7 (200)

T8 (188)

T9 (300)

T10 (450)

T11 (81)

T12 (160)


C1 (279 to 710)

C2 (350)

C3 (450 to 722)


Engraving of leaves can be handled by most local trophy shops. Each leaf typically holds 3 lines of text. For best appearance, leaves should be engraved on a rotary engraver and anodized.

All of our donor trees can be configured to meet your specific program requirements. We encourage you to call us at the number on our Contact Us page for assistance and current pricing.

All good deeds deserve recognition. Our Donor Trees allow your organization to show its' thanks for the generous donations of others. Our graphics artists can design your fund raising / recognition project using one or more of these donor trees as the centerpiece of a magnificent testimonial to those who have taken part in helping your organization meet its goals.

The leaves on the tree are perfect for acknowledging individual donations, and for those whose donations stand out as exceptional, we offer our small and large "bricks" to commemorate their highly generous gifts. Most trees are available with your choice of either straight leaves or French curve leaves. The both come in Gold, Bronze and Silver colors to denote different levels of donations.

Our trees come with the full amount of leaves already attached to the lucite canopy. If spare leaves are needed, they may be purchased at the links below.

These leaves are available for purchase at our on line store
Straight leaf     French Curve Leaf
Please see our on line store for sizes, colors and prices of these donor tree leaves.

Download our Donor Tree Catalogs and Installation Instructions.

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