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'Photo Imaged' Bronze Plaques ImagedPlaxx©

Bas relief sculptings are both costly and invlove some 'artistic license' for the sculptor. The 'ImagePlaxx' below, are low relief photographic images and result in 100% accurate representations of the image.

ImagedPlaxx© are bronze plaques with raised text and 3 dimensional raised images.  The imaging process allows the inclusion of significant details that are impossible to obtain through the traditional sculpted process.  The overall effect of this process is the inclusion of extraordinary detail while avoiding the 'artistic license' of having a human sculptor model the image.  The image is raised about half of the height of traditional sculpted models.

Another benefit of this type of bronze plaque is that multiple images can be used (as shown in the top row) to create a 'story' in bronze.


Small low relief image placed on a plaque