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Custom Bronze Plaques Photo Gallery - PAGE 1

Bronze plaques can be produced in any size. Each plaque is custom made according to your requirements with various border styles, letter sizes and styles, finishes and mounting methods. Three dimensional or flat portraits may be cast as part of any plaque. Browse these examples and then let one of our designers assist you.  There is virtually no limit except for budget and imagination.

We are frequently asked about the differences in application (use) of bronze vs. aluminum for plaques. Bronze (the gold colored metal) is the material historically associated with these type of products. It lasts forever. If it is ordered without a 'clear coat', then the bronze will gain the familiar 'greenish / bluish' color associated with older plaques. Aluminum (the silver metal) on the other hand has a more modern look especially when combined with a black background. By its very nature, aluminum will not last as long as bronze. In fact, if left without a 'clear coat', unlike the bronze that improves in looks, aluminum will develop the familiar white oxidation known as filiform corrosion.

Some of our customers have installed their bronze plaque under the ocean on reefs to memorialize diving friends. They tell us that they take annual trips to the site and use a kitchen 'scrubbie pad' to refinish the plaque. It only improves. Aluminum, on the other hand, would deteriorate within the first year. We will not sell an aluminum plaque for use near salt water.

We hope you enjoy viewing all of the possibilities we offer in the design of custom plaques.

Most plaques can be made in any size requested except those shown below that say 'Fixed Size'