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Photo Gallery of Cast Bronze Plaque House Signs

These highly decorative cast bronze plaques are ideal as house signs and they are all custom designed and cast IN AMERICA to your specification.  The text may be tailored to your desires and may use almost any font or backgroud color you wish. Our house address signs and house number signs are made of solid cast bronze - NOT THE RECYCLED ALUMINUM, STEEL OR STAMPED METAL THAT IS SOLD AT MANY BIG BOX STORES. They will not pit or rust and will last a lifetime. So as not to affect the decorative images on these house signs and to provide added security, we customarily provide them with hidden boss and stud mounting. They are also available with other mounting hardware as explained here.

Use these images to get an idea of what you would like to see on your house sign.

Many of these plaques can be customized and purchased at our on line store. If you want a house sign with a different design than those shown, feel free to either use our design it yourself wizard, or request a custom quotation.


House Sign Mounting Methods